Chad Ballantyne

Blockchain enthusiast, Creative Director of Rhubarb Media, “Tummler” of The Creative Space

Chad Ballantyne is a father of three and husband for 26 years! He’s spent the last 25 years of his life in some form of creative communications as a speaker, musician, producer, and designer. He’s now the Creative Director of Rhubarb Media, a design studio in Barrie and is the “Tummler” at Simcoe County’s first coworking space, called The Creative Space (TCS). ( TCS is located in a beautifully redeemed century building in downtown Barrie and has become a hub for freelancers, startups and other digital nomads since 2009. It’s a community space where business, art and life collide. Chad’s passion is to help others do what makes them come alive. He has a strong desire to see social change in local communities and through his work with Rhubarb Media and the Creative Space, he has helped dozens of social and arts and culture organizations though in-kind work, personal activity and financial contributions.

In the past 14 months he has be an integral part of launching a new cryptocurrency named PIVX. Rhubarb was commissioned to rename and brand and market this coin and in 12 months of it’s inception it went from a value of .06 USD to over $14USD with a market cap of over 700Million. His vision for PIVX has transformed, not only the product, but is slowly transforming crypto-culture. His focus on community, regional efforts and making a difference in the world is baked into the PIVX brand.