Candice Luck

Innovation Program Manager at LifeLabs

    Candice is the Innovation Program Manager at Canada’s largest diagnostic laboratory, LifeLabs. She leads the implementation of major innovation initiatives by facilitating collaboration within LifeLabs and between internal and external stakeholders to support effective program planning and execution. She is currently leading the design and development of the new LifeLabs innovation centre – LifeCentre by LifeLabs™ located at the Barrie Primary Care Campus.

    Candice brings a new perspective to healthcare innovation with her multidisciplinary background in sustainability, design, and business strategy. Prior to LifeLabs, she held leadership positions in the sustainable buildings sector and managed a number of high profile projects including Canada’s largest net zero housing innovation project funded by Natural Resources Canada’s ecoEnergy Innovation Initiative that earned her a Canada’s 2017 Clean50 title.

    Candice is a seasoned facilitator with experience delivering innovation and design thinking workshops to a diverse group of participants ranging from corporate executives to military leaders. She’s delivered workshops for UofT Rotman DesignWorks, UWaterloo Accelerator Centre, Toronto District School Board and the Canadian Forces College.