Akshay Kalle

Chief Technical Officer, The Pathway Group; CTO, Elastic Care

Akshay is the Chief Technical Officer at Pathway Communications, an IT Solutions Provider, and healthcare monitoring platform startup company Elasticcare.   Akshay is a specialist in distributed systems and artificial intelligence. He is a business-minded systems expert with expertise in managing large public technology products from conception to delivery. He combines a strong academic background and holds the unique ability to jump into both technical and customer-facing facets of technology delivery.

Currently, Akshay’s duel role as Chief Technology Officer in both organizations fully utilizes his deep understanding of big data, AI and cyber security as well as his business acumen and understanding market drivers.  It is this unique combination that has led Pathway Communications ascension to market dominance while bringing the vision of Elasticcare to reality. He has always been a strong believer in economic building and helping others to grow. As an active force in his family businesses, Akshay has altruistically taken risks in helping some of the world’s most successful firms in a wide array of industries, often stepping into a new and uncharted territory.  With the addition of Elasticcare, Akshay now focusses on bringing disruptive technology to the healthcare sector by empowering patients and caregivers with the ability to easily monitor and proactively diagnose conditions before they become critical events.

You will often find Akshay collaborating with academic and research bodies, lending his passion and expertise to benefit and inspire innovative new technologies. He is actively involved as an advisor to impact investing and mentors within youth impact organizations. He believes the ethical and relevant use of technology will drive positive change throughout the world and is a responsibility of corporate and governmental leaders.  Akshay is driven to innovate because of his passionate belief that technology can enhance our societal, economic, political and environmental realities and ultimately benefit both individuals and our global society.

Akshay holds a Master of Science (MSc) and Honours Bachelor of Science (HonBSc) from the University of Toronto, and a Master of Engineering (MEng) from Cornell University.