GOOD18 Conference Program

This year’s theme is “Open Data and Smart Communities” – both exciting and topical.  Open data has been acknowledged as a foundational component of Smart Communities/Cities.  But what is a “smart community”?  It has many definitions and many opposing opinions as to what the value is to the community – is it just the tech companies with a profit focus or is the focus on community well-being?  Even the term community provides some diverse perspectives – is community a small village? Is it a province?  Is it the country? Is it a sector like the environmental sector?

This year’s conference will start with a plenary morning of panels – Leaders Keynote Panel, the “Smart Communities” panel and Open Nxt.  The afternoon will feature concurrent streams including: Smart Communities, Open Contracting, Open Health and Safety and Open-Closed-Shared Data Realities.

Day two continues the tradition of holding a Hackathon that speaks to some community challenges and seeks to move the yardsticks forward and establish action plans to continue the work post- conference.

8:00 AM
Event registration & Breakfast

Panelist will provide diverse perspectives on our theme of “Open Data and Smart Communities”.

Moderator: Jury Konga, Conference Co-Chair

Dr Pamela Robinson, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Strategic Initiatives, Faculty of Community Services and Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University

Bonnie Healy, Chair of Board of Directors of First Nations Information Governance Centre and Operations Manager, Alberta First Nations Information Governance Centre

Jean-Noé Landry, Executive Director, OpenNorth

Dr. Pamela Robinson
Bonnie Healy
Jean-Noé Landry
Jury Konga
10:15 AM

Moderator: Robb Meier, Project Coordinator, Firebird Community Cycle

Lynn Dollin, President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and Deputy Mayor, Town of Innisfil

Bianca Wylie, Co-Founder, Tech Reset Canada

Geoff Cape, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Evergreen

Lynn Dollin
Bianca Wylie
Geoff Cape
Robb Meier

Moderator:  Susan Downs, CEO Innisfil Public Library

Gabe Sawhney, Executive Director of Code for Canada

Ryan Garnett, Manager Geospatial Data Integration and Access; Manager Open Data; Geospatial Competency Centre, City of Toronto

Jury Konga, Open Knowledge Canada Ambassador and OpenNorth Associate

Gabe Sawhney
Ryan Garnett
Jury Konga
Susan Downs

EVERYONE welcome to make a BRIEF announcement … new events, new initiatives …  Please register for this at the registration desk and we’ll call you up in order.

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12:30 PM

What does the ‘networked rural’ look like? In an age focused on urbanism and ‘smart cities’, what happens to the missing middle of rural communities striving to leverage open data and open government initiatives in the face of limited capacity?

Moderator, Bianca Wylie, Co-Founder, Tech Reset Canada

Ashleigh Weeden, PhD Student & Researcher, University of Guelph
Valencia Gaspard, PhD Candidate & Research, University of Guelph
Alex Petric, MSc Candidate & Researcher, University of Guelph

Ashleigh Weeden
Bianca Wylie
Valencia Gaspard
Alex Petric

Data is an imperative for business. Business is an imperative for economic growth and prosperity.  Open data can support the business imperative and contribute to a “smart community”.  Join this interesting discussion.

Moderator: Chad Ballantyne, Blockchain enthusiast, Creative Director of Rhubarb Media, “Tummler” of The Creative Space

Devin Tu, Founder of Open Data startup, MapYourProperty
Warren Patterson, CEO LinkGreen
Kevin Tuer, Managing Director Open Data Exchange (ODX)

Devin Tu
Chad Ballantyne
Warren Patterson
Kevin Tuer

AI at work, AI in your home – is AI the new space race?  Does Machine Learning use open data?  personal data?  Facebook and Social Media?  Join us in discussion of these issues moving from a global perspective all the way down to local communities.

Moderator:  Grant Cowan, Manager of Information Technology, Town of Innisfil

Keith McDonald, the Open News Network & formerly Open Data Lead, City of Toronto
Connie McCutcheon, Niagara Region IT & President of Municipal Information Systems Association Ontario
Jury Konga, Open Knowledge Canada Ambassador & Open Smart Cities Associate, OpenNorth

Keith McDonald
Connie McCutcheon
Jury Konga
Grant Cowan
2:30 PM

We need to talk about the tension between the digital tools and technologies that are available to cities and how access and justice factor into their use.  How might the idea of digital justice factor into the policy landscape? And is an open smart city at odds with privacy?  Join this vital discussion.

Moderator:  Bianca Wylie, Co-Founder Tech Reset Canada

Nasma Ahmed, Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow
Meghan Hellstern, Design Strategist, City of Toronto Civic Innovation Office
Dr. Pamela Robinson, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Strategic Initiatives, Faculty of Community Services and Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University
Raoul Plommer, Project Lead for New Digital Rights MOOC, Open Knowledge Finland

Nasma Ahmed
Meghan Hellstern
Dr. Pamela Robinson
Raoul Plommer
Bianca Wylie


We need better knowledge translation & mobilization as  Universities produce more meaningful & actionable information when they connect directly with communities. Libraries play a role as convenors of conversation & as learning spaces for civic engagement. Join the panel discussion in knowledge mobilization, translation, and public value creation.

Moderator: Kejo Buchanan, ODI Toronto

Ashleigh Weeden, PhD Student & Researcher, University of Guelph
Valencia Gaspard, PhD Candidate & Researcher – University of Guelph
Ab Velasco, Manager, Innovation  Toronto Public Library
Jonathan Brown, Recovering Public Servant
Kelsey Merkley, Creative Commons Canada Public Lead

Ashleigh Weeden
Valencia Gaspard
Ab Velasco
Kejo Buchanan
Jonathan Brown
Kelsey Merkley

Moderator: Connie McCutcheon, President MISA Ontario

Alannah Hilt, Open Government Office,  Treasury Board Secretariat Canada
Ryan Garnett, Manager Geospatial Data Integration and Access; Manager Open Data, Geospatial Competency Centre, City of Toronto
Karen Stewart, Industry Manager Municipal Solution, Esri Canada

Ryan Garnett
Karen Stewart
Karen Stewart
Alannah Hilt
Connie McCutcheon

One size does not fit all. At this session, you will hear from three leaders in healthcare that believe in the importance of designing healthcare services around the unique needs of the community they serve. Our speakers will discuss their different approaches in combining quantitative data mapping and qualitative community engagement to co-create solutions and tools for healthcare service design and decision making.

Moderator: Candice Luck, Innovation Program Manager at LifeLabs.

Brian Mosley, KFL&A Public Health – Community Hub Ontario
Sean McConnachie, Barrie and Community Family Health Team – Healthy Barrie Initiative
Jennifer Flexman, LifeLabs – Barrie LifeCentre by LifeLabs™ innovation hub

Sean McConnachie
Jennifer Flexman
Candice Luck
Brian Mosley

Teemu Ropponen, Executive Director of Open Knowledge Finland

On the borderlines between open and personal data – making the best of both worlds

MyData is a human-centered approach in personal data management that combines the need to reuse data with digital human rights. It includes both an alternative vision and guiding technical principles for how we, as individuals, can have more control over the data trails we leave behind us in our everyday actions.

4:15 PM
Conference Summary & Closing Remarks
Networking + Pub Social
9:00 AM
Breakfast & Day Overview

Here’s your opportunity to pitch your project to the audience and excite them about joining your team!  The project doesn’t need to be creating an app, you can pitch a project to design new principles or policy, or a project that looks to define the framework for a new social service or improve an existing one, or something radical for a “smart community” – there are no limitations on the project you pitch other than being of community and/or societal value.

Find the leaders of the pitches that interested you and talk about what your role might be.  If the first one isn’t a good fit, try another.  Most project teams have people with diverse experiences and knowledge – and they’re all valuable!

Now – Get Going and ENJOY!

12:00 PM

A quick 5′ report to the rest of us so we know what the team accomplished over the day … AND your future plans for the project.

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